New look for SML Inox

We are proud to have recently unveiled our stunning new look! This fresh look is an opportunity of revision and reinforcement of our promise: that of creating robust and durable stainless steel products without compromising refinement. Through this new path we are taking, rest assured that we will always remain faithful to our roots, our history and our heritage.

History and Symbolism

The white stag is an animal that embodies wisdom, beauty and wonder. At the heart of multiple legends, it symbolizes both elegance and adaptability. It is said that this creature always manages to evade capture and that its pursuit represents mankind’s quest for spiritual knowledge. The legend of the white deer echoes the process behind SML’s work, the quest for exceptional work that honors family tradition and expertise passed down through generations.

A Valuable Quest

This new identity represents the absolute seal of superior quality. The new signature Capture Stainless identifies with the legend in evoking the quest for excellence, both outrageous and ambitious, which is performed with the pleasure and satisfaction of surpassing oneself. This is not a new adventure, but rather the quest for excellence that continues with our team that has panache!