Stainless steel is a very useful and popular material for a variety of applications. There are different finishes of stainless steel, which are used depending on the application and the desired function. In this article, we are going to look at the most frequently used stainless steel finishes.

No. 2B

No. 2B is cold rolled passivated. This finish is typically used in applications where a smooth and even finish is required. It is particularly common in food and medical applications.

No. 4

No. 4 is a brushed finish. This finish is commonly used to give stainless steel a less smooth, more satiny appearance. It is widely used in commercial kitchens.

No. 7

No. 7 gives a reflective finish. This finish is popular for giving stainless steel a brighter, glossy look. It is commonly used in architectural and decorative applications.

No. 8

No. 8 is a mirror finish. This finish is very shiny and can be used to give stainless steel a very professional, polished and reflective look. It is very common in metalwork and carpentry applications.


Stainless steel finishes play an important role in the use and application of stainless steel. The most commonly used types are No. 2B, No. 4, No. 7 and No. 8. Each type of finish offers specific advantages and can be used in many sectors in a multitude of applications.